5 Quick Tips To Read More Books // let’s do some gyst post

Admit it, most of us spend our time scrolling on social media than actually reading books. The famous lie line “I’m gonna read the whole day so don’t bother me please.” stays a myth. It never happen in real life. We either ended up going to Twitter or doing entirely unimportant things.

I’ve been jealous to other people who read more than five books a month because I can never exceed the five-books-per-month curse that I believe some bad witch casted on me when I was still in my mother’s womb. So, I came up with some tips and tricks that actually work on me (but I have a very very very lazy ass so six books read is yet to be cross off) and hopefully it’ll help you too!

1. Audiobooks

Before you say anything, audiobooks count as reading! Period. We’ll save this discussion for another blog post so let’s not get to deep about it but it counts. Audiobooks is the best tip for me! Audiobooks made it possible to read while doing your dishes, driving, etc. For someone who’s lazy to carry books whenever going out and not used to reading publicly, it’s saving my entire life.

I kinda wish ARCs have audiobooks, too. I’m drowning with so many unread ARCs right now tbvh.

2. Set a timer

Setting a timer before reading a book totally increases my lifetime span. You can set it for 10-20 minutes or anything that works for you that doesn’t look too intimidating.

Alternatively, you can set a goal for how many pages you want to read for the day. It is definitely up to you but I highly suggests to keep it small enough—like 20 pages. It seems a tad but it adds up pretty quick.

3. Join reading challenges

There are tons of reading challenges circling in the community and I’m sure you can find one that’ll work on you. To name a few, the most famous one is the Goodreads Reading Challenge, Year of the Asian Reading Challenge (I’m participating in the challenge and you can check out my tracker here), Beat the Backlist and see a compiled list from Girlxoxo here!

You can also do the 24 hour reading challenges with some friends or totally by yourself. Challenges enables us to channel our inner productivity to get certain things done—including reading! Viewing your goals as a challenge have higher success rate more than what you think.

4. Take a short socmed detox

In simple words, remove all the distractions—social media a.k.a your phone. Just like what I’ve said a while ago, we spent most of our time browsing on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Either we unlocked our phone just to squeal on Twitter about the book were reading but found ourselves scrolling for more than half an hour already.

Imagine, how many pages have you read if only you continued reading instead of scrolling for half an hour and another? (dear self, practice what you preach. sincerely, yours truly.)

5. Don’t be afraid to put a book down

IT’S OKAY TO DNF A BOOK! Don’t let yourself feel burden to finish a book. Why bother if it isn’t your taste? Time is gold so we should spend our reading time devouring great novels. You can pass the DNF book to a friend who might actually enjoy it.

So that is all with the tips I got for you to read more books. Hopefully, you found something that will help you along the way! Also, a reminder that a person who reads 100 books and another person who reads 10 books a year are both a reader.

Tell me what you think!

✏ Do you have some tips in mind you might want to share? Comment below!

✏ What are your takes on DNF-ing a book?

42 thoughts on “5 Quick Tips To Read More Books // let’s do some gyst post

  1. Totally agree with all of these! It really helps to set a goal, to listen to an audiobook, to join reading challenges and all you mentioned. But I think it’s also good to join readathons because it makes you read more, just don’t over due it


  2. I don’t have any tips for reading books quickly because I am reading slowest reader ever. And I really think that we shouldn’t feel bad for dnfing if a book really seems like it’s never ending & you don’t want to go through the pain of reading one more word!


  3. I usually hate to DNF a book but I definitely agree that one should DNF it if they are not just that into it since it slows down your reading and often leads into a slump.
    Honestly, I need to learn how to DNF books more…

    I also just started listening to audiobooks late last year and they have definitely helped me be able to read more since now I can use the time in which I commute to listen to them and it definitely adds one more book to my ‘read’ list every month!

    GReat tips! xx

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  4. I used to be afraid of DNFing a book because it would make me feel weak or something, but now I do it all the time! 😂 I’m also a very picky reader, so I’ll only read books I like from the beginning.

    And I agree about audiobooks – I used to say they don’t count as reading, and now I WISH I had more time to listen to audiobooks! Reading / listening to audiobooks is a fast and sometimes fun way to get through a book, but I think that some books work better as audiobooks than others.

    Thanks for sharing this list! I’m always looking for ways to find more time to read 🙂

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  5. Man I wish I could be able to read all day! but alas…same. Very lazy, my personal record is five I believe XD mostly under, but never over yet.

    Good tips! Ive loaded Libby to start on audiobooks but alas.. couldnt try it yet as I got a last minute arc and im back drowning in the next one 🤦🏽‍♀️ but also I switched phones so either I grab my phone’s earphones with me always OR I go for some bluetooth ones..

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  6. Yes, great post!! I’ve never tried an audiobook but they sound so useful, especially for people like me who get insanely travel sick and can’t read visually whilst travelling 😊

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  7. I tried getting rid of social media apps on my phone… I failed, I’m addicted, haha! But I try to leave my phone in another room when I pick a book, so I am not tempted to check.
    At first, I felt so guilty about DNFing a book, but now that my TBR is giant, I’m ruthless! Time is precious, I can’t lose it with a book I don’t enjoy!
    Great post!

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  8. Great tips. I am always toting an audiobook with me and surprised how quickly I get through them listening while doing housework making tea etc. Also with my ARCs I use ‘text to speech ‘ which while a little computerised does the trick

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  9. This is such a helpful post! 🙂
    I’m a total audiobook addict. And we usually only get free review copies after the publishing date. But you could try text-to-speech for your ebook ARC’s. I found it takes a little bit of getting used to, but it isn’t even that bad these days. I use Moon Reader plus for Android. It’s really easy to set up the TTS with it. You get to pick from a lot of different voices and can change pitch and speed. It can’t compare to a real narrator, but it can carve out some extra reading time, too.

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  10. I fail at reading challenges and hate making anything a chore. Not really an audio book fan. I’ve had a bit of a spell of fatigue and rubbish luck lately and I’ve stopped going online so much. At the moment this has included my blog. I love reading and have been reading more now that I’ve stopped trying to do everything.

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